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What Can I Do with An Online Degree?

9th November 2021

Online degrees may not have the long history of traditional campus-lead university study.

However, the history of distance learning vastly predates the invention of the internet. In fact, one of the first recorded examples of a distance learning program dates back to 1728, in which the Boston Gazette offered lessons on shorthand and note-taking through correspondence classes. 

From this format was born the concept of online degree programmes as we know them today – such as the variety of courses offered by ARU.

Once simply regarded as a pursuit for mature students, online degrees are now widely regarded as a viable option by students of all ages and backgrounds. And as online degrees like ours become more popular, they are increasingly recognised as being equally as valuable as their traditional campus counterparts.

Why Choose to Study an Online Degree?

Online degrees are suited to students from all walks of life, at any stage of their career, and regardless of their age.

The disruptions of the Covid-19 pandemic saw almost every imaginable industry moving online. And although the world has once more started to return to the normalcy that we all took for granted, there has been a permanent shift in perceptions on remote working, and with it, remote education.

Schools and university closures have affected students all over the world, and at the onset of the pandemic, institutions at every level of education were scrambling to make their teaching resources available online. But as a distance learning institution, our business-as-usual delivery of online degree courses was miles ahead of our peers.

At ARU we are uniquely adept in the delivery of online teaching and recourses, meaning that you can benefit from your education anywhere in the world regardless of your circumstances.

Online Degrees Offer Flexibility

One of the most appealing factors of an online degree is the flexibility that it offers students. Because you don’t need to be physically present in a university classroom, distance learning is ideal for students who have other commitments to devote their time to. 

Distance learning means that you can set your own study schedule, attending online classes and completing your assignments alongside the demands of your lifestyle. In the absence of physical classrooms, you can take your studies anywhere. Whether you want to study a Health Care Management MSc in your home office, Child and Adolescent Mental Wellbeing MSc in the comfort of your favourite coffee shop, or Biomedical Science MSc on a beach, the flexibility of our distance learning means that you can complete your education from anywhere in the world. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a gap year but never found the time. When you choose an online degree over a traditional campus, you could even pursue your education and your foreign travel simultaneously.

The flexibility of distance learning is also perfect for parents. Raising a family is a full-time job that can stretch you thin and throw your usual schedule up in the air at a moment’s notice. But with an online degree, you’ll be able to attend your virtual seminars, conduct your research, and liaise with tutors and classmates at a time that suits you, so there’s no need to miss out or fall behind if your schedule changes at short notice.

Online Degrees Help with Career Progression

It’s natural to crave career progression; the perks that accompany promotions are tangible evidence of hard work and perseverance.  

As we’ve explored in previous blogs, career progression is vital to job satisfaction and increased financial freedom, ensuring you remain challenged, engaged and fulfilled at work.  

And a new qualification is one of the best ways to progress in your career. When you develop your education, you will be more eligible for higher positions within your organisation.

And with distance learning, you’re also able to continue earning while you learn. This means you don’t have to put your life and career on hold while you further your education. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your working life with the skills and knowledge you’ll gain from your degree programme.  

Communicate your career goals to your employer – a good employer should be happy to help you develop your education and grow your skills. Research indicates that company investment in training, skill development and if a company invested in their career progression, 94% of employees would stay with the company longer. Not only does an investment in your education benefit you, but it will also benefit the company you work for too.

Online Degrees Allow You to Change Career

There are several signs to look out for before you make that career change jump. Do you feel challenged in your current career? Does every day leave you feeling more burnt out that the last? Does your job still leave you feeling satisfied? Think long and hard about the answer to these questions, and how they can be fixed. These questions are a good indicator as to whether you should start thinking about doing something completely different, and what your next move should be.  

However, changing your career isn’t easy, especially if you’ve spent a good portion of your life doing the same thing. In order to pursue your new goals, or perhaps enter a field that you once dreamed of, you’ll need to update your qualifications – maybe even complete an entirely new degree.

At ARU, we offer a range of online degrees a wide variety of fields, from Digital Marketing BSc to Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc, so that you’ll be able to work towards a career that you’ve always dreamed of.

Online Degrees Enhance Your Personal Development

The benefits of personal development extend far beyond its potential to boost your career, although it will of course open up more avenues for job progression.

Completing an online degree is the ideal way to boost your personal development. Not only will it further your education, but through the undertaking of one of our expert distance learning programmes, you’ll gain a variety of vital and transferrable skills to help you stand out from the crowd.  

Due to the online, self-led nature of our courses, you will have to master the art of time management. The flexibility offered by an online degree still comes with assignment deadlines, and when crafting your own personal schedule to fit around your family and work commitments, you will need to develop a system to ensure that you complete your projects on time.

Online Degrees Improve Your Motivation

Studying an online degree can significantly improve your motivation. Not only will you be able to see yourself actively working towards a goal, but upon completion of your degree you will have something to show for all your efforts and open up further avenues in a career that you can feel passionate about. 

Because you will be setting your own study schedule, you can learn at a time that best suits your own productivity. Perhaps you’re a morning person who does their best work at the crack of dawn, or maybe you’re a night owl who functions best on the verge of midnight. When you start your online degree, you’ll soon develop a learning patter that caters to your highest leaves of productivity and motivation.

Completing an online degree will also provide you a great boost to your confidence. When you increase your knowledge of a subject, leaving you able to talk about it with authority, you will naturally feel more confident and self-assured – improving your overall emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Deciding to further your education is an important decision, but when you complete an online degree, the options available to you are far more extensive. As you are not tied to a campus or a set schedule, you can study at a time that best suits your individual needs and lifestyle. So, you if you’re ready to change your career, are eager to progress towards the goals you’ve set out for yourself, or simply wish to expand your knowledge and understanding of the world, then our distance learning programme could be just the steppingstone you’re looking for. 

In need of more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today and begin the next great adventure that life has to offer.

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