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What Can I Do with A Psychology Degree?

29th August 2023

 If you’ve ever considered studying psychology, you might be interested to know that there are a large variety of skills that can be applied to psychology degree jobs, giving you a wide range of career options.

ARU’s Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc course is accredited by the British Psychological Society, and will capture your curiosity for the human mind, and all the wonder that lies beyond it, all within the flexibility of distance learning.

What Will I Study with ARU’s Psychology degree?

As part of learning with ARU, you will be supported throughout your academic journey with a personal tutor, who will guide you through the course to help you build the confidence and skills to investigate your chosen hypotheses and make confident connections.

You will study a range of modules dedicated to spanning the scope of the psychological world so you can explore the potential for further study, or development of a specialised area in your chosen career.

These modules include building research skills, applying psychology to illness, statistical thinking, how humans can develop psychologically throughout their lifetime, developmental conditions, and an innovative look at 21st century cyberpsychology, and how online living is affecting us all.

You will also have the opportunity to conduct your own independent research project, so you can explore a topic that you are most passionate about.

What Are My Options for Jobs with a Psychology Degree?

If you’re looking to explore careers with a psychology degree, the Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc will set you on the right path to becoming a gifted psychologist, but there are other career paths that can be explored with the skills you will acquire.

You may want to venture into more of a mental health focused role, and undertake further training to become a counsellor or psychotherapist. You may want to study to become a chartered psychologist, or take up a role in social work.

These roles can be segmented further into your industry of choice. For example, you may want to work exclusively in the education system with children, or in the sports field with athletes, depending on your specialism and interests. 

If you’re interested in making the change to a career in psychology, read how Sophie was able to switch career paths during lockdown to pursue her passion in studying psychology with ARU. 

Alternatively, the skills you learn with a degree in psychology can help you to become a flourishing teacher, with the ability to empathise with students, and communicate effectively. 

You could also opt for supporting pastoral roles like a chaplain, careers advisor or teaching assistant, with skills in active listening and a greater understanding of how different circumstances and developmental conditions can impact human behaviour and decision-making processes. These particular skills are also useful in human resources when dealing with complex situations, or sensitive issues.

If you want to find out more about the roles you can pursue with a psychology degree, take a look at the Prospects website for ideas on how you can use your skills to find your ideal career path.

What Other Skills will I Learn with a Psychology Degree?

Aside from the valuable academic knowledge that this course will provide you, a degree in Applied and Clinical Psychology will also present you with an array of transferable skills that will equip you adequately for a large number of career opportunities outside the psychological field. 

As a psychologist, communication skills are essential to success. Demonstrating emotions like empathy, and practising active listening will help you in face to face conversations with fellow employees, customers, and patients, depending on the context of your job.

Additionally, you will learn how to analyse data and exercise critical thinking and acute problem-solving skills, which will enable you to create hypotheses and reach conclusions. This will enable you to make smart decisions when developing your own research, as well as work through conflict resolution in challenging real life situations.

Which Opportunities are Open to Me During and After Studying?

Depending on your desired career path, there are a number of different options open to you as a psychology graduate.

After completing your bachelor's degree, you can head into a specialised psychology focused role by studying postgraduate courses to further specialise your field of study or develop your existing skills.

If you’re looking to gain some valuable work experience during the course of your degree, studying through distance learning is the ideal way to continue to build skills in a workplace environment. 

The course is designed to allow you to complete your studies in your spare time around your work and family life commitments, making it the perfect solution to maximising your time efficiency. 

Our careers and employability service will be on hand to guide you through your post-graduation thoughts on your career path, and how to take those stepping stones to get to where you want to be. This may take the form of 1:1 appointments with a careers advisor, visiting our online Careers Centre, and joining the online employability programme.

As the course is BPS accredited, you will gain the knowledge to move on to study your preferred specialism for postgraduate study or other further training.

Are you interested in studying our Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc?

If you’re looking to take the next step towards your dream career, apply now to start your journey with ARU today.

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