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Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning

  • Distance learning allows you to study whilst juggling work and family commitments.
  • Online, anywhere in the world with direct access to all of our University’s great resources.
  • A fantastic and flexible way to get a University qualification and improve your career prospects.

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Featured Case Study

This qualification will benefit me professionally in expanding my horizons within the industry and allow me a better understanding of the industry as a whole, rather than simply my day to day job. It will also help me in my progress within the company. I am lucky to have both a supportive husband and employer. My employer is kind enough to offer me quiet study areas on lunch breaks at the office, and my husband is very encouraging. It has opened my mind beyond my immediate role within my company and allows a greater understanding of the industry and how it works. I am keen to learn anything I can beyond my day to day duties and these studies allow me to do so in a structured manner.

Jennifer Butler
FdA Professional Practice International Trade

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