Daniel Monie

The support I received studying for an online degree at ARU has given me an excellent foundation to go on to study for an MSc and has also greatly enhanced my career prospects.

Daniel is Interim Head of NHS Continuing Healthcare at Barking & Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge. Daniel qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1995 with a Diploma in Higher Education, but always wanted to complete a degree.

He was able to transfer the Diploma as accredited prior learning into a top up degree so he could pursue his degree and career aspirations.

Online learning meant I had the freedom to work remotely at the times that suited me. Due to the freedom and flexibility of the course I have been able to go on to study for an MSc. Without the grounding in the methods and discipline needed to study online learnt at ARU, I would not have been able to do this so successfully.

"Before I started at ARU, I never thought I would have been able to achieve so much in such a short time."

Building confidence to achieve results

The skills and knowledge I have gained from this course have built my confidence to achieve more than I ever thought I could after being out of full-time education for 30 years!

I am now looking at publishing my dissertation as a journal paper and this will help with my future work and interests in the healthcare sector.

Skills to compliment your career

The course is especially good for returning health and social care workers. It has given me the skills and knowledge I can apply directly to my role across complex areas of health and social care. The course has also provided me with the research behind the practice relating to the many aspects of leadership needed - for example coaching, team building, strategic or more directional approaches.  

Why ARU?

The tutors and module leader were all exceptionally skilled and encouraging.

I found the support services always willing to help and there was always lots of positive communication from ARU which felt inclusive and made remote learning feel less remote!

Access and resources from the library were excellent and the study support was well put together and much appreciated.

Based on my own experience, I would highly recommend ARU especially if you have been out of education for some time. I felt the online environment was easier to adapt to, especially if you are returning to study and lacking a bit of confidence.

Tips for students

I planned out the week ahead with what was realistic and broke the work up into manageable chunks. I wasn’t too hard on myself and even if I could only manage an hour on one day then I made sure I did that - all those hours added up!

The first few weeks took a bit of getting used to, but once I found a routine of carrying out the online activities and working towards each assignment then it soon made sense because the course was put together in such a logical way.

Although I didn’t actually meet anyone until the graduation, I never felt remote. I had all the benefits of a flexible course but regular group discussions and support from the tutors.

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Supporting your journey

All ARU staff from my experience and perspective were amazing. My course leader and my final project coordinator were both very motivational, supportive and inspiring.

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Achieve your goals

Anglia Ruskin is a friendly university, the staff are really helpful and the experience will develop you both personally and professionally.


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