Reagan Grainger

Thanks to the support of ARU, I’m continuing to do my BA top-up and even considering a Masters degree, something I would of never thought possible while working.

Regan is a Nursery Manager in Southampton and is currently in her 3rd year of study at ARU.

Some people think distance learning means you don’t have much contact with students, but the discussion boards allowed everyone to share their ideas. Being able to discuss the course with like-minded people from all over the world is extremely rewarding.

I have the same access and benefits as campus based students.

Support tailored to your needs

Having dyslexia and a gap of 10 years since I last studied, feeling confident to be able to write an essay did not come naturally. My first tutor spent a lot of time helping me and other tutors were always happy to give me hints and tips.

I have the same access and benefits as campus based students, including the online library and access to Nursery World. All my lectures and any additional resources are posted weekly for review.

Courses with your workplace in mind

Being level 5 qualified will bring more funding to our nursery. I’m also more confident in writing emails and recently wrote an article with the nursery owner about special needs in Early Years education.

I am a more confident and able manger, which means we are more likely to receive a higher OFSTED grading. My course has given me the skills and confidence to make changes and improvements in my place of work and understand the theory behind the process.

I wish I had done it years ago and I’m staying on to do my BA degree top-up.

Why ARU?

ARU has great support facilities and the modules are up-to-date, well thought-out and reflect the challenges and ideas in education today and in the future.

ARU tutors and staff have understanding and listen to your needs. If your tutor can’t help they will refer you to someone who can, even something simple like forgetting a password is dealt with in such a friendly manner.

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