5 Reasons to Study Digital Marketing

17th November 2021

As our relationship with technology changes, we’re spending more time online than ever before.  

Over the past decade, this has completely transformed the ways in which brands connect with customers, and never more so than over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, which saw a drastic change in the reliance of companies and consumers alike on online sales channels.

As brands increasingly begin to recognise the importance of, and invest in, digital marketing, this growing industry is ripe with opportunity for those who can build strategies to inspire audiences and drive sales.

With that in mind, these are just five reasons to study a degree in digital marketing with ARU.

1. Create inspiring campaigns

Over the years, there have been countless digital marketing campaigns which have piqued public interest and taken the internet by storm, starting conversations, sparking debate or merely providing a moment of valuable entertainment – from Gillette’s famous short film, ‘The Best Men Can Be’, to Irn Bru’s TikTok ad campaign-competition.

As part of this course, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of how audiences are targeted and gathered to create campaigns which reach out to key demographics efficiently and imaginatively. With these skills, you could be behind the next viral brand effort that reaches millions of consumers through their phone screens.

2. Master marketing theories

Our course is designed to equip you with a deeper understanding of the principles behind marketing, traditional and contemporary, and explore how these can be used in a digital sphere.

You’ll gain a comprehensive view of digital marketing from a variety of perspectives and understand nuanced approaches to B2C (business-to-customer) and B2B (business-to-business) marketing. You’ll learn about the role of marketing within an organisation and how it intersects with other parts of a business, and adapt this knowledge for strategy-building.

The digital realm also changes the ways in which we understand borders and culture, and transforms the relationships of brands and consumers. This means that tact is of the utmost importance when it comes to using global tools to connect with international consumers. As well as a broad understanding of marketing theory, you’ll also examine global perspectives to understand how to approach campaigns with cultural sensitivity and awareness.

3. Futureproof your skills

If you have existing marketing experience but don’t know how to translate that to the digital realm, or alternatively have some experience in digital marketing and want to build on your existing knowledge, this course is for you.

Wherever you’re coming from, a degree in digital marketing with ARU will give you the skills to get ahead in an ever-growing and fast-changing industry, and enable you to handle the evolution of the digital marketing world, keeping your talents in high demand.

And as businesses become increasingly reliant upon ecommerce, digital marketing is a crucial tool to secure not only a brand’s present, but their future too. And with a solid understanding of digital marketing principles, and the ability to build effective and engaging campaigns, you’ll be equipped with the skills to handle a game-changing industry that is transforming the way that brands work.

4. Develop a range of transferrable skills

With a broader understanding of the marketing world, as well as the specifics of digital marketing, you’ll have the skills to construct a vision for growth and a cohesive strategy for any brand.

The skills you’ll learn on this course will equip you to work in a range of industries, opening doors to a rich variety of career opportunities. With more and more businesses becoming switched on to digital marketing, you’ll have the chance to work with countless inspiring brands and be at the forefront of cutting-edge campaigns.

5. Benefit from our flexible distance learning course

A distance learning degree is a fantastic opportunity for any learner.

But as digital marketing joins the growing legion of industries becoming increasingly remote in their working practices, you’ll learn a number of invaluable soft skills that will make you highly desirable to many employers, including time management, organisation and self-motivation.

Furthermore, our Digital Marketing BSc is led by a team of fantastic tutors, all of whom have extensive experience in the industry. The tutors on our course have worked on major campaigns for globally recognised brands including Saatchi, Palmers Homestore and Samsung, and their wealth of experience and passion for an exciting industry offers our students an incredible learning opportunity.

Alongside these benefits, you’ll have the freedom to study at a pace that suits you and learn skills that can be applied in the workplace from day one, meaning your development starts as soon as your course does.

Transform your prospects and build a career in digital marketing with our Digital Marketing BSc.  

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