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5 Career-Boosting Distance Learning Courses

23rd October 2019

The adage that ‘every day’s a school day’ certainly applies to distance learners.

Because although flexible online courses are designed for life, a natural thirst for knowledge is a key motivational catalyst.

However, the vocational value of a recognised course is also crucial when weighting up whether you can balance earning a qualification with work and family commitments.

Support During Distance Learning Courses

What support will I get on a distance learning course?

18th July 2019

When you’ve chosen your academic subject, arranged your finances and are confident that you can fit learning into your lifestyle, you might still be wondering what kind of support you can expect on a distance learning course. At a bricks and mortar institution, staff are on hand permanently to help with a range of questions on everything from admin arrangements …

Funding my distance learning course

How can I fund my distance learning course?

22nd May 2019

When you want to fit a career-enhancing qualification flexibly into a busy lifestyle with work and family duties, distance learning is an excellent choice. But with financial commitments to consider, you’ll have to find manageable ways to pay for your course, which mean that you can concentrate on a rich learning experience while minimising money worries. Luckily, there are a …

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How do I choose the right distance learning course?

3rd May 2019

Once you’ve decided that the flexibility of distance learning fits your lifestyle, choosing the right course is probably your next consideration. And picking the perfect qualification depends on different criteria. For instance, your main motivation might be moving up the career ladder in your current company, switching to a different sector, setting up your own business or simply satisfying a …

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What are the benefits of distance learning?

29th April 2019

Earning a degree requires commitment, a financial investment and the ability to balance study with family or other responsibilities. So taking time to learn about the benefits of distance learning in comparison to campus-based study allows you to choose which learning style fits your lifestyle and will help you to fulfil your aspirations. Our comparison of the positive aspects of …

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10 health tips when you study from home

25th April 2019

The flexibility and convenience of studying from home are hallmarks of an Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning degree. And although our courses are designed to slot smoothly into busy lifestyles, it’s still important to prepare effectively to maintain physical and mental wellbeing throughout your academic journey. These top 10 tips will help you establish the healthy habits which supercharge success. Separate …