Women reading a book in a cafe.

10 Study Tips For Surviving Winter

29th November 2019

The temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter. It’s the season where all you want to do is wrap up warm, stay indoors and relax – but with coursework and assignments to complete, how do you stay productive and maintain your focus?

Man using a laptop.

5 Career-Boosting Distance Learning Courses

23rd October 2019

The adage that ‘every day’s a school day’ certainly applies to distance learners.

Because although flexible online courses are designed for life, a natural thirst for knowledge is a key motivational catalyst.

However, the vocational value of a recognised course is also crucial when weighting up whether you can balance earning a qualification with work and family commitments.

Silhouetted figure jumping from a ledge labelled 2018 to another ledge labelled 2019

Cobweb clearing — start 2019 fresh and focused

16th January 2019

As the canvas of 2019 unfurls, having the tools to paint the perfect picture is crucial. So since balancing life, health and work is the crux of sustainable success, we’ve gathered some swift and savvy suggestions for clearing the cobwebs and getting inspired. If you’ve spent the post-festive period polishing off leftover selection boxes and party snacks, switching to healthier …